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The looking glass

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Trailer – “The Mockingjay Lives”

"She’s the same as him. She has the capacity for very calculated used of love, affection, sexuality, charm and intellect." — Benedict Cumberbatch on Irene Adler.

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If you aren’t following @StatsBritain you aren’t doing Twitter right.

Oh God.


insp (x

Good lord. I am speechless.


When i was little i wanted to grow up to be a disney princess but im pretty sure i just became Yzma 



I was feeling a little down the other day so I decided to look back on what i’ve made this year. I realized I had ten “original” projects so I decided to put them into a photoset!

I’m proud of what i’ve made so far but I haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I had hoped!

Luckily I have three months left, hopefully I can get a satisfactory amount of stuff done in that time period. I think I have at least twelve projects I would like to finish up before this year ends, which is kind of crazy.

Most of these were made between April-August,  and this isn’t including Elsa, stays, chemises, headpieces, or incomplete projects. Everything was drafted and sewn by me, and most of them are original designs!


Eugenio Recuenco’s fairytale series

  • me: makes a mistake
  • me: thinks about mistake every night for the next 7 years

Who am I: I am a 23 years old brazilian female who just became a lawyer and I am in way more fandoms than i should.

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